Helpful tips & tricks to plan your outfits, prepare the family, and make the most out of your family session.


Helpful tips & tricks to plan your outfits, prepare the family, and make the most out of your family session.

What to wear to get the look you love...

I suggest whites, earthy tones and neutrals. These colours compliment the beauty of sunset and go so well together. Mixing and matching the family so that there is a similar colour pallet but we are still our individual selfs. Textured fabrics like linen, muslin, lace and knits photograph beautifully. Casual shirts or knitted jumpers are great for dads.

Don't be scared to dress nice, investing in your clothes is investing in your family photos. Knee length or longer items look beautiful on mum and make sitting and cuddling so much more comfortable. It's usually best to choose something for yourself first, something that makes you feel amazing and special, and work on everyone else from there. Knitted cardigans and warm blankets are perfect for those cooler months.

Not everyone likes to dress the same. And it's very important to me that the way YOU like to dress, and the kinds of things that represent your family, are shown. Colours are very important to maintain the vibe you see in my work. However I am happy to workshop with you ways to get the tones and look you love while maintaining your authenticity.

I also have a variety of clothes in the client wardrobe you are welcome to use for your sessions, you will find a link to the client wardrobe at the bottom of this page. If you are looking to purchase something special & you are on instagram, check out my highlights for a selection of my favourite brands!

The Willows Photography Werribee Melbourne Family Photographer
The Willows Photography Werribee Melbourne Family Photographer
The Willows Photography Werribee Melbourne Family Photographer
The Willows Photography Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Maternity Family Photographer

Before the session

It's a great idea to prepare everyone for the session, so that you can enjoy the experience as much as looking at images themselves.

To achieve this beautiful candid documentary style of photography you see on my social media & website page all you have to do is show up ready to cuddle, love and enjoy yourselves.

I want to emphasise that I do my best work when you allow me to take the lead. Sometimes I'll be fairly quiet and be snapping away while you kiss and cuddle.

Other times I will offer gentle directions to help everyone feel comfortable & get a variety of shots.

I have 2 young children myself and love making friends with your kids, especially the toddler who can be difficult to photograph.

I will chat and engage with your children when I'd like them looking at the camera & this will encourage natural, beautiful smiles. Avoiding saying over and over again "look at the camera" because this tends to frustrate the children and lead to unnatural or forced smiles, try to keep your faces filled with joy & relaxed.

Quite often dad may not be keen on photos. This is where we can remind him that he will mostly just be asked to play!

It can be a great idea to bring along something special your children like, to give them after the session to show your gratitude for their hard work participating.

The Willows Photography Werribee Melbourne Family Photographer

On the day

Sunset can be late at certain times of the year, and depending on the child this can be a little challenging. If possible a nap before hand and making sure they are well fed can help with moods, and I pretty much always follow the toddlers lead during the session.

I do have a variety of shots I love to get, whole family, mum and children, mum and each child individually and same for dad. This is where following the toddlers lead comes in handy.

As we have a variety of shots we are aiming for, if the toddler has had enough for now we just move onto the next shot & go back to the one we were trying for later, this avoids cross words and cranky faces.

This can also be a nice opportunity to play one on one with your children. If you have more than one child, and it's mummies turn with the oldest, dad can play with the youngest to keep them busy and excited for their turn.

Arriving at the location a few minutes early can help keep everyone calm, so we are avoiding rushing and feeling flustered. However if you are late to your session we will still get many beautiful images.

Making sure everyone is dressed for the weather is very important. Knitted jumpers or cardigans, even blankets and tights can help keep everyone warm in the cooler months and still look gorgeous in the final product.

If your having a beach session make sure to pack some towels & nice clean warm clothes for everyone, and just keep in mind we are out in nature so we want to be keeping a close eye on all the children. Wooded areas can be prone to mozzies so that's something you may want to prepare for.

I want you to have 1 hour of fun, love and being present with one another. Your job is to enjoy yourself, and I'll do the rest.

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