during the session

What to expect

tell me about you

Whether we are doing a one on one portrait session or a group meet up, your portraits will be tailored to your wants and needs. We are all very different mothers, who have experienced very different life circumstances, as well as currently experiencing different feelings and emotions about our journeys. I want you to feel comfortable with me and with what we have chosen to try.
If you haven't already please click the link below to fill out the questionnaire relating to your session.


Social Media

Your images may be shared to social media, but I'm also happy to discuss any concerns you may have about keeping them private.

How many images will I receive?

This will be different for every mother and every session. You will be able to download your hi-res images via an email link.

Do I photoshop your images

I will edit the overall images to enhance the beautiful colours and tones, I will not touch up any "flaws". One of the main purposes of this project is to see the beauty in ourselves, exactly how we are at this moment in time. I believe touching up images is detrimental to our well being, as we can begin to compare ourselves to an unrealistic version of ourselves.
This is also a challenge for us, to begin to view ourself through a new, more compassionate lens. To see the overall beauty rather then to focus on small details.

Find the project on instagram @portraitsofamother