The Story of a Photographer

I’m a mother of two beautiful girls Olive and Willow, a dancer, keen hiker and cinnamon scroll enthusiast. I came across this new passion when my second daughter Willow was only 4 months old.

The more images I took of my daughters, the more I fell in love with documenting moments. Holding a camera while they engaged, gave me something for myself, which as a mother of a toddler and a baby was hard to come by. I realised capturing the love and beauty in the day to day things we did in our lives inspired me, and I wanted to do the same for other families.

There's something so magical about capturing real, precious & raw moments that can be cherished always - and remembered as they really were. A cranky toddler, full of sass. A fussy baby, only happy in your arms. Your family snuggled up in a big group hug. And all the moments in between.

I'm not the kind of photographer who wants you looking and smiling at the camera, in fact a session like that gives me anxiety!! Real, precious moments are what fills my creative cup. I love lots of cuddles & sweet quiet moments. Moments where we can show our vulnerability and adoration of our families, moments to look back on and remember exactly how you were feeling and exactly what was happening in that moment. My favourite things to capture are connections. Connections as a family, and as individuals with your bump or each child. Every relationship is so different and I want to document that in a way that authentically shows that. I love outdoor sunset sessions, something about the golden glow bringing out and complimenting the beauty of our connections. I want mama's to look at their images and see the beauty that I see, when I look at them loving their babes.

My philosophy is all about capturing the real precious moments in time, naturally. Everyone is perfectly ‘imperfect’ and therefore I focus on editing the overall image to bring out the beautiful glow of sunset. I strongly believe if we view highly edited versions of ourselves it can be detrimental to our well being and I pride myself on producing these natural beautiful images.

I cannot wait to take some heart melting photos of you and your little loves. 

*Images thanks to my wonderful husband, Simon.