Let me take you on a journey...

The Willows creative studio was designed with a heart full of passion & a big appreciation of the beauty in all the little things.

It was inspired by far away places & the special moments that I have experienced with my daughters.

Beautiful soft light and the most glorious golden tones & textures.

You'll find a collection of hand crafted items from local and exotic places & it's a space to feel simultaneously in another world & at home.

The studio is so versatile & there are many options for you to capture your most precious moments.

Boho 1

Boho 2

Boho 3

Curtain 1

Curtain 2

Curtain 3





Where is the studio located

Studio is located in Werribee.

What type of session can I do in the studio

The studio can be comfortably used for Newborn, Maternity, Family & Motherhood.

Can I use the client wardrobe?

Yes, I encourage the use of the unique & beautiful items in the client wardrobe.

Can I bring food?

Please no food & drinks in the studio other then babies milk.
Water will be provided.

Are pet's allowed?

Sorry no pet's in any session's please.

What if my older child gets restless?

Directly across from the studio is a beautiful nature play area. If any older children need a short break, one parent is more than welcome to take them over for a short play to burn off some energy. I have children myself and completely understand!