Your preparation guide

Please make sure you spend some time reading through this important information before your maternity, newborn or family session!!

Before your session

I'll always check in with you a 1-2 weeks prior to your session. This is when we confirm location if you're doing a sunset session, or wardrobe for all other sessions. For a sunset session I bring the items along on the day, for the studio session it will all be here ready for you. Your wardrobe link has bra and undie recommendations so please make sure you spend some time planning out your options as there is no photoshop on bras/bra straps.

If you have sunburn, or anything you aren't wanting in your images please choose an item that covers this up.

Please no fake tan if you're using the wardrobe.

If you have a few children and your happy for me to choose something I can just bring age appropriate items along with me.

Please try to avoid getting sunburnt before your session as this is not something I photoshop!

The day before your session I will send you a location pin if I haven't already.

FINGER NAILS - Please make sure your finger nails are free from nail polish OR freshly done as I do not photoshop chipped nail polish/grown out acrylics. I do suggest nude or natural as it is less distracting on the day.

SHOES - I recommend bare feet, you can bring slip on shoes for walking around on location.

NAPPIES - Please have a nappy cover if your little one is wearing a dress.

What to do on the day

For your maternity session please arrive in loose fitting clothing, low cut underwear, to prevent marks on your belly, legs etc. If you are wearing an off the shoulder dress please come in your strapless or no bra to prevent bra strap marks on your shoulder.

Children - Please make sure your child has been fed!! A warm child with a full belly is ideal. I always bring knits along with me incase it cools down during our session. Please have a nappy cover for little ones if you have chosen a dress. If your child has a dummy/teddy they are attached too and you don't want this in your images please hide them or leave them in the car!

You are always encouraged to arrive to your sunset session a few minutes early if you need to organise the kids, hair/food/wipe their faces.

I love my girls with wild windswept hair, how you have your child's hair is your preference. If you want it neat back off their face this is absolutely fine, please make sure you arrive with enough time to organise this.

Please bring wipes/tissues, warm change of clothes, towels if we are at the beach, and I recommend avoiding bringing snacks unless you don't mind them in your images.

Newborns - If baby uses a dummy/moisturiser it's always a great idea to bring them along with you. Please bring bubs in a nappy & zippy only as this will make changing them much easier.

We have plenty of time for feeds and changes on the day there is no rush, if you would like a nursing image please let me know when you arrive!

Hair, Makeup and Clothing for mum - This is your personal preference, my work is very natural and glowy so I always recommend the no makeup makeup look. Hair can be lovely to work with when it is down but if you love your hair up your welcome to do what feels right for you. The client wardrobe has a section on bra & undies recommendations so please spend the time to make sure you are prepared for the gown you have chosen. Please make sure nails are neat with no polish or fresh polish that isn't chipped.

Sickness - If someone is unwell please let me know asap and we will reschedule once they are feeling better.

Weather - I always check the forecast a few days before your session, I will let you know if there's any need to keep a watch out.

If you ever need to contact me on the day phone is always best.

What to expect at your session

Yay it's time! I want you to have the most beautiful experience.

Please do your best to arrive at the studio on time as there are often 2 sessions on the same day. Please also do your best to arrive on time for a sunset session as we have limited time.

I understand sometimes things pop up so please always stay calm and contact me if your running a little behind schedule.

I don't work with pets so please leave them at home.

Children - I love kids! I have two of my own 5 & 7. I have worked previously as a preschool dance teacher for 8 years and have worked in photography for nearly 5. I have met and worked with all kinds of personalities. One thing all children have in common is they want to have fun, this is why at your session we won't ask the kids to sit still and smile at the camera. When i arrive I always do my best to say hello to the kids first, to engage with them and encourage them to think of this as a fun experience. My little Willow is quite a shy one so I have plenty of ways to engage with your shy & quiet child.

It is very normal behaviour for children to want to explore, run, and do their own thing. They aren't being naughty if they aren't sitting still. I will give everyone plenty of direction on the day with how we are going to capture these moments while allowing the kids to just be kids.

It's always best for you to laugh and smile and kiss and cuddle and let me do the talking, often I can get your child's attention but if you are mid word trying to ask them to do something then we can't use this photo! It's always good to have a chat with your partner about this before hand so we are all op the same page and they can relax and have fun too.

Newborns - When you arrive if bubs is due for a feed we start here after we pop them in their cute little outfit and I wrap them up. As bubs gets moved around to prevent the startle reflex between poses we keep them nice and warm all wrapped up in a knit blanket. Once we have everything we need we unwrap bubs and let them stretch and yawn and wriggle around, sometimes they just continue to sleep. If your baby isn't sleeping this is okay too, as long as baby is still I calm. If bubs is unsettled, I've got this. I want you to relax and enjoy this precious time in your life and I want it to be as relaxing as possible.

After your session

After your session it will take 3 weeks to receive your edited images for selections. (after your initial invoice is all paid up) If they are ready early I will let you know & if you require them earlier please had back to the pricing guide for the rush fee info! You will then have 5 days to choose your images or your upgrade option. There are payment plans for upgrade options too and your gallery email with have instructions on what to do. Your final edits will then come 2 weeks after favourites list/payment for upgrade is organised.

Your prints that are included in your package will be ordered on the 1st of each month, they head to me first, then are sent onto you. Please allow 8 weeks for your prints from when you have completed your selections. Example, if your selections are sent through on the 10th, they will then be processed in my order the following month on the 1st.

Prints and products are a beautiful way to display your images around your home, your final edit gallery will have a print shop attached. I never print at an instant/department store print shop because the colours and clarity is disappointing. Please browse the print shop for a large variety of prints and sizes and your always welcome to ask for a quote on something you can't find.