Underwear for your session...

We have the beautiful setting, a beautiful gown and now we need to make sure the underwear will work with your dress choice.

A few important things to remember

  • When choosing a white/light coloured gown please wear something that matches your skin tone as close as possible.
  • Lace shows through a dress, If you are wearing a white dress please be aware of this, plain skintone is best under dresses.
  • If you are doing open kimonos lace is beautiful, plain t-shirt bras can be bulky, I always recommend something delicate.
  • Lots of gowns are shaped with a low cut v. It's best to wear a no bra under these dresses, if you feel uncomfortable in no bra please choose a low cut bra/bralette, if the dress is loose please ask me for "boobie tape" so we can hold the dress in place.
  • For any off the shoulder dresses I suggest strapless skin tone or no bra.
  • Some dresses/gowns are sheer or slightly sheer, if you feel uncomfortable being able to see the darkness of the areola/nipples under the dress please bring along/ask for nipple covers.


If you are concerned at all about wearing lighter underwear I can suggest trying Nude period underwear to help you feel most comfortable. I will link you below.

You are also welcome to bring breast pads along on the day.


Maternity Underwear


Below is a beautiful example of underwear that looks gorgeous for your session if you are doing open kimonos.

I highly recommend purchasing something new, that moulds nicely to your changing body. Delicate lace & bralettes add an extra layer of texture to compliment the gowns and kimonos, or to be worn alone.

Braless is also a beautiful option, alot of the gowns can be drapped off the shoulder style, we can also work with tucking in a bra with this option if you are uncomfortable going braless.

For the open kimonos I suggest white, nudes, browns, beige. It's a personal preference if you would like to match the colour or contrast a gown with different colour underwear.

You are welcome to spend some time browsing the instagram page to see a variety or colours and options my previous clients have chosen!

Many of my clients shop at cotton on, target and myer.

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